Year 1/2

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Diwali Workshop and Artwork

Three Little Pigs Puppet Show



Outdoor Learning


Outdoor Learning

Science Week

Our Cars

Junk Model Monuments

Hand Sculptures

This week we have been looking at the work of artist Marc Quinn, then we had a go at making our very own hand sculptures!

Year 2 Scooter Training

Our Year 2 children had lots of fun scooter training this week.

Hand Washing

We learnt how to wash our hands correctly and why it is so important. We put pretend germs on our hands and had a go at putting them under the UV light to see how dirty our hands were.

Our Chinese New Year WOW Day

To celebrate our WOW day and Chinese New Year, the children from Class 1 children from North Frodingham came to join us. We all tried prawn crackers with sweet and sour sauce, mini spring rolls and stir fry. We also enjoyed making Chinese lanterns and moving dragons. 

Letters to Santa

We have been very busy in the Infant classroom, as we have been writing our own letters to Santa. We then walked to the village shop and got our letters stamped. After that, we then posted our very important letters.

Scarborough Castle


Easter Baskets

We have been learning all about the meaning of Easter. The children all made their own Easter baskets.

Jack and The Beanstalk puppet show

The children retold the story of Jack and The Beanstalk with puppets. The children enjoyed retelling the story.

Fairtrade Fortnight

For Fairtrade Fortnight we explored why Fairtrade is important to protect individuals. We then investigated how we can tell if a product is Fairtrade or not by looking for the symbol. To finish off, we designed and made our own chocolate bar wrappers and we made sure we included the Fairtrade symbol.

Torah scrolls and Kippahs 

This week in RE we learnt about Judaism and the celebration of  Hannukah. We then looked at the Synagogue and the different features which it has compared to the Christian church.  After that, we then watched a video of the Synagogue service, made Torah scrolls and Kippahs and then we acted out a Synagogue service.

Our Stained Glass Windows

This week in RE we have been looking at what we can find in churches and the reasons that we go to church. We looked at different images of churches and looked at the things which were similar and different. After that we then made our own stain glass windows using tissue paper which look beautiful.

Our Cottingley Hoax

Today we went outside in our quiet garden in order to place our fairies and elf's in a special place to create a Cottingley Hoax. The children had lots of fun doing this and they also produced some amazing descriptions and recounts of their experience.

Our Sparklers

This week in RE we have learning about how we can be safe around bonfire night. Firstly, we made our own sparklers using toilet rolls and coloured tissue paper. Then we then discussed how we can be safe whilst using them. After that we talked about how we can be safe around a bonfire and how we should make sure our pets are also looked after on firework night. Then we had a quiz in order to show our understanding about what we have learnt. Finally we coloured in pictures of fireworks and sparkles.


Have a happy, safe bonfire night. 

Learning about recycling 

This week the children have been learning about recycling during RE. We talked about how we can help our world by recycling. After that the children all had several different coloured bins and they had to organise the items into the correct bins. We discussed what the item might be made of in order to figure out where it should go.

Maths: Understanding positions

One of the objectives for our maths lessons this week was to understand positions. In order for the children to understand first, second and third etc we had a running race outside. We lined the children up in groups of 9 and we then gave the children a sticker with the position that they came in the race. The children then had to try and position themselves in the order.

Science: What a baby needs to survive

This week in science the children have been learning about what a baby would need in order to survive. They discussed in 3 groups what they would thought a baby would 'want' and what they 'need'. It was very interesting when listening to what each group thought.

Our senses hunt

We went to explore the outdoor area using our senses. All the children were in pairs and 1 child was blindfolded and the other child was guiding them in order to see what we could smell without looking at it etc in order to encouraging thinking of what it might be. After we had the inspiration we then wrote down what we could feel,smell, touch and see and then we described autumn in one word each for our class autumn poem. We had some great describing words such as: crunching leaves,rustling, spiky conker shells and rainy days etc. We all had lots of fun performing our poem in the church for the Harvest Festival.

Our Hinduism creation story 'stills'

During RE this week we have been learning about the Hinduism creation story. After learning about the creation story we created 'still' photos in order to show our understanding. We all enjoyed pretending to be Brahma and Vishnu.