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Meet our team... 

Mrs Baldwin

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What we have been up to in class ...


Remember, remember the 5th of November...

This week we have learnt all about bonfire night! We learnt all about the story of Guy Fawkes and the reason that we celebrate bonfire night. We also really enjoyed learning the rhyme about bonfire night and speaking about why we have bonfires, fireworks etc. We then discussed if any of us had been to a bonfire this year, (which lots of us had!) and spoke about how we should stay safe around fires, fireworks and sparklers. It was also really nice to hear about our different traditions were on bonfire night, such as eating toffee apples or hot dogs! We had our very own firework display too, where the children became the fireworks - we made different types of firework shapes with our colourful ribbons and it looked amazing! 

Diwali Celebrations

We have been super busy this week celebrating Diwali! Each of us took part in a Diwali dance workshop, where we learnt a dance that retold the story of Diwali and also used some cultural dance moves. We have also done some Diwali crafts this week; we made some diva lamps with clay, using different tools including rolling pins, forks and our fingers. After we had made them we decorated them with some bright paints and glitter. Throughout the week we have been drawing some Rangoli patterns outside with chalk on the floor and inside on paper and cards. Later in the week Mrs Baldwin painted some Mendi patterns onto our arms whilst some of us practised our Diwali dancing in preparation for our Diwali party! We chose our own design to have with our names and we were all very eager to show them off - they looked amazing! We also all had a try at making our own samosas with Mrs Robinson, which we later ate at our party. The party was so much fun, we ate some traditional Indian cuisine including poppadums with mango chutney, Bombay potatoes with rice and our homemade samosas, whilst listening to some Diwali music. The poppadum's were a popular favourite! 

Hedgehog Bread

This term we have been learning about how different food is grown and used in a number of ways. Over the last few weeks we have each had a turn at making our own hedgehog bread! We all carefully followed a recipe and measured out our ingredients. We also spoke about what happens to wheat after it has been harvested whilst mixing, kneading, proving and baking our bread. We were all so proud of our hedgehogs, they almost looked too cute to eat! 

Our trip to Side Oven Bakery

The F2's had such a fun trip to Side Oven Bakery this week! When we first arrived we split into two teams and were given the challenge of making an animal out of bread dough. One team made an owl named Fred and the other team made a hedgehog named Molly. After this each of us made out own bread snowman and a croissant. We spoke about what is inside each of the doughs and then watched Fred, Molly and the snowmen rise in the oven. Next, we went to the mill house to learn about what barley can be used for and got the chance to do our own milling. We then made our own apple juice! We took it in turns to use our arm muscles to squash up the apples ready to go into the machine that makes them into juice. Once the apple juice was ready we were all able to taste it - we must have done a super job of squashing up the apples because it was delicious! To finish our trip we took a walk around the farm and had a look in the orchard. We were able to see the apples we used to make the juice, some pears and quinces. When returning to school, we all got to taste Fred the owl and Molly the hedgehog that we had made earlier in the day, we shared these with the F1 children and FSU staff too. Everyone was really impressed with our bread, it was really tasty! We had a super trip and hope that we can visit the Side Oven Bakery again in the future.  

Making Soup

This week we have been reading 'The Gigantic Turnip'. We decided to use all of the vegetables we had read about in this book to make some soup! We were super careful when chopping up carrots, pumpkin, parsnip, onion, leek and swede. We spoke about how we have to bridge our fingers when holding the vegetables so that we don't hurt our fingers. After this, Mrs Baldwin used a blender to make the chopped up vegetables into a liquid. Each of us sat down and had a try of our vegetable soup with some bread, it was so yummy!

Outdoor Learning

We were super busy in outdoor learning this week as we got the chance to make our very own keyrings! Each of us were given a piece of wood and had to decide on a mini-beast or outdoor design to draw. After this we took it in turns to drill our holes into the keyrings. We had to be super careful with the hand drill and wait our turn for an adult to help us. After all of our hard work we made some smores by toasting marshmallows over the campfire and then squashing them between two biscuits and some chocolate. They were so yummy! 

Handa's Surprise

This week we have been reading the book Handa’s Surprise. We noticed there are some fruits in the book that we haven’t tried before so we decided to explore some new fruits! We then put our best investigating hat on and set off on a mission to discover which fruit we liked the best from passion fruit, avocado, pomegranate, pineapple and mango. We passed around the fruits first, some were smooth and some were bumpy, we then predicted what might be inside; what colour it might be and if it would have a stone, seeds or pips in, we were really surprised by the look and taste of the Passion Fruit!

What's in the cake?

We took part in a really exciting activity this week where we had to predict which fruit from our selection of lemon, fig, banana, apple and blueberry was in each cake. We were really good at trying to work out the answer by remembering the fruits we had already had and the colour of the cake. We then got to try and decide if we were right. We also got to try fig and blueberries because not all of us had tried these fruits before - the fig rolls were popular but the figs weren't!

Popcorn Tasting

We have been exploring the 'food' part of our food and farming topic a little more this week and we decided to make popcorn! We started by passing around the corn on the cob and listened very carefully, but we couldn't hear it pop! We learnt about the parts of the plant and how tall it grows, then we tried some cooked sweetcorn from a tin. Next, we opened some popcorn but the kernels were hard and greasy... it didn't look very tasty! One of the children suggested that we need to cook it, so we read the instructions on the pack together. Once it was in the microwave we could finally hear it pop, then we got to taste it... it was very yummy!

There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!

The weather has been very rainy this week, but that hasn't stopped us having fun in the FSU! We wrapped up in our waterproof coats and trousers, pulled on some wellies and set up a den under a rain shelter. We spent lots of time watching the rain trickle down the waterproof sheet and discussed the weather whilst staying warm and dry in our shelter. 

Giuseppe Archimboldo Vegetable Faces  

This week we learnt about the artist Giuseppe Archimboldo; we were great at spotting which different fruits, vegetables and flowers he had painted to create his faces. We then created our own vegetable faces, learning what the different vegetables are called and explaining why that vegetable was a good choice to use for the features. The next day we explored the different vegetables further, discovering which ones had seeds inside and building up the muscles in our hands as we chopped them up.

A visit to the mobile library

Today we visited the mobile library. We all sat very sensibly and quietly and listened to the story 'I love my birthday'. We spoke about when our birthdays are and how we might celebrate our next one! After this we all took it in turns to choose a book and when we returned to school we had a read of them all. 

What the Ladybird Heard

This week we have read the book 'What the Ladybird Heard' and Mrs Baldwin set up a What the Ladybird Heard scavenger hunt! We went onto the field and had a look around for some hidden pictures of the different animals that featured in the story; every time we found one we had to tick them off our chart. After we had found the animals we had to describe how and where we found them, using positional language such as through the gate, around the corner, past the shed etc. Another exciting activity relating to our story was making paper plate masks with Miss Mathison, during this we spoke about what shape different features of the animals were and which colours are most appropriate to use. We made some ladybirds, sheep, cows, pigs and horses! After this we read the story one more time and acted it out, using the appropriate animal sounds when they were mentioned in the book. 

Exploring with peas and gloop!

We have been using our hands to explore with some frozen peas and gloop this week. The frozen peas fit in with our topic of 'food and farming' and have sparked discussions on where they come from, how to grow them etc. We have been using our best describing words when talking about the peas and have also noticed how they feel and look different when they are no longer frozen. The gloop was also super exciting as it meant we could get messy! We looked at the colour and texture of the gloop, and used different containers to scoop, pour and mix it up. 

Roald Dahl Day

To celebrate Roald Dahl day we had a fun day all about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! We started by watching a video clip of the chocolate factory and discussed which were our favourites of the huge sweets. After watching the clip we went outside with Mrs Robinson and Miss Evans to recreate the chocolate river. Whilst doing this we spoke about how many jugs it would take to fill a container and used language such as 'full' and 'half full' to describe how different containers looked. Inside with Mrs Robinson we made our own chocolate bars and added marshmallows, sprinkles and smarties to make them even more tasty! With Miss Mathison we each got given a golden ticket to visit the chocolate factory and had to decide who we would take with us, giving reasons why we chose this person. 

Wool washing

This week we had some wool brought into school and spoke about what animal wool comes from and what we think we could use wool for. We then watched a video on the uses of wool, including making jumpers and other wooly clothes. After taking it in turns to feel the wool and describe how it felt, we each had a turn at washing the wool in our water tray. We spoke about how the wool feels different now it is clean and how the colour of the wool had changed.

Our First Week Back...

We have had such a fantastic first week back in the FSU. To fit in with our topic of food and farming we have been learning about different vegetables including green beans, carrots and potatoes, and have been using them when roleplaying in our outdoor kitchen and shop area. In our outdoor area we have also had a tray of grain to explore with, we have really enjoyed using the toy tractors and diggers to help us understand what a farmers job involves. In the water tray we had some real flowers in lots of bright colours which we used to make perfume! The staff in the FSU are so proud of the children and how well they have settled into coming back to school and we are looking forward to the upcoming year.


What we got up to in 2018/19...

It's Party Time!

Throughout the year we have been working super hard to meet our class target... to keep the classroom tidy! Every time we did a good job of tidying we got some marbles in our jar. We managed to fill the whole jar up and as a reward we threw an amazing party! We started by making wraps for our picnic lunch, however it rained, so we had an indoor picnic whilst watching the gruffalo. We then played some games including a gruffalo hunt on the school field with Mrs Robinson, fish racing with Miss Evans and superhero duck racing with Mrs Baldwin. We had such a fun day, it made all the tidying up worth it!

Piglets Adventure Farm

The F2's had a fantastic trip to Piglets Adventure Farm this week. We got to plant our own sunflower seed when we first arrived and we spoke about how we can help them to grow with water and sunlight. We played a really fun game where we had to decide which foods were fruit and which were vegetables, and we looked at which of them had seeds. It was really exciting to walk around the farm trail and see the ponies, goats and donkeys - we even got to feed them! We were told that some animals can be fed by hand, but others must have their food dropped into their field or pen as they like to nibble on fingers! We also got to have a look at the smaller animals, there were piglets, rabbits, tortoises, chickens and guinea pigs. After lunch we went on a tractor ride up to the play barn and had one last play on some really fun equipment before returning home. What an exciting day!

The more that you read, The more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you will go. - Dr Seuss

We have had a great week this week celebrating Children's Book Week; we have all shared our favourite stories including the adults in the class. We read We’re going on a Bear Hunt then actually went on a Bear Hunt on the field with Mrs Baldwin. Miss Evans read Room on the Broom then we created our own magic potions. After we had listened to Monkey Puzzle with Mrs Robinson we created our own movements when pretending to be the animals in the story.  We listened to the Librarian’s favourite book before we chose our own books when we visited the Library Van then the older children came to read our books to us. On Friday we voted to decide which books we would like to listen to from the book fair and loved listening to the books while drinking hot chocolate in our pyjamas in the new Tipi on the field.

Cooking up a storm...

During child initiated learning the children have been creating all sorts of lovely things to 'eat' in the mud kitchen outside and the cafe role play area inside. They have taken our orders, created signs,and made sure we paid! They have created rules - especially warning us that we were not to really eat their creations and when to take care when pans are 'hot'. We even found some real beans in our garden area and after we had talked about how we must not eat them now we then planted them again ready for the summer. 

This is the greatest show!

During child initiated learning we have been lucky enough to be in the audience of some amazing performances. The children have sung familiar songs and created their own and used all sorts of items to explore different sounds and the way that these can be changed. 

We're going on an animal hunt...We're going to see a few of them...We’re not scared ...

Wow - We had a fantastic time going on an animal hunt when Zoolab came to visit on Thursday. We met a giant African land snail called Gary, Cedrick an Argentinian horned frog, Ursula the bearded dragon lizard, a royal python called Prince and Maynard the Degu (Many of the children wanted a Degu as a pet!). We learned a lot of facts about the animals and asked a lot of great questions and we sat so smartly so that we didn’t scare the animals. We were very proud of all the children. We have been learning all about camouflage this week and it was great to see the real animals and how good we thought their camouflage would be. We have also been using camouflage in our art afternoon and creating Henri Rousseau style jungle pictures. This week we have been carrying on our kindness theme and learning about how to treat others though the Tinga Tinga Tales and The Selfish Crocodile story.

Gong Hey Fat Choy

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We had a Chinese celebration meal: we all helped to chop the vegetables for the stir fry and had this with noodles, special fried rice, prawn crackers, and plum sauce. We even got a fortune cookie after our meal and they were all great futures! We also created Chinese lanterns and then wrote our own wish for the future on them. We have been using our fine motor skills to pick up dry noodles and have created our own Chinese Restaurant. We have been busy taking orders from customers in the restaurant and over the phone. We loved watching Chinese Dragon Dancing and have enjoyed making our own Dragon masks.


Lost and Found

We had a lovely surprise when we found a penguin with a book and a letter addressed to us. We read the letter and it was the boy from the book (Lost and Found) asking us to look after his penguin until he comes back. The children have done a great job looking after him and have been reading him some lovely stories. We helped him to pack his bag for when he goes back home. The children had some really great discussions as they decided what he should take and what he should leave…they decided he definitely didn’t need his tie as he wasn’t going to work or a wedding! We played a game of iceberg’s and had to balance an egg on our feet, huddle to keep warm, swim and slide on the ice. We were so excited when it really snowed and we wrapped up warm and went outside to slide for real!  We then came in to watch the video of Lost and Found and drank Hot Chocolate to warm us up. We followed a map that the penguin left for us and we have also created our own maps to help the penguin find his way home. The children have also been exploring tones on the painting easel with blue, black and white paint to create their own Frances Hatch style Paintings. The boy is very kind and helps the penguin in the story and we have talked about how the penguin felt lonely and what lonely means. We also introduced a kindness box in the classroom so that the children can acknowledge each other’s kindness.  

Elf Antics...

Wow, our class elf was really cheeky when he joined our class...he covered the room in toilet paper!! But on Tuesday he was wearing a beautiful party crown that he had made and it inspired us to make our own for the 200 years party on Thursday. On Wednesday he asked us to write to him to let us know who we think should be our star of the week in assembly and why because he wants to give out the certificates!  On Thursday he helped us to celebrate St Nicholas day he asked us to leave him our shoes so we did this while we went to play ring games in the hall. When we came back he had put some sweets in our shoes! We were very excited and learnt more about St Nicholas. After the weekend he was poorly so we sang him some songs to cheer him up. Some of the children even made some cards during choosing time all by themselves to cheer him up. 

Christmas celebrations and Christmas phonics!

Tree Dressing...

In our outdoor learning session we celebrated the tree dressing festival by making a wish when decorating the tree with ribbons. We also made popcorn garlands and topped up the bird feeders for our feathery friends. 

Run, Run as fast as you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

This week the children have made some fabulous boats to help the gingerbread man to cross the river. They had lots of different features that the children thought of such as a fishing rod, window to see the fish and sharks, flags, and a comfy bed and chair. The children then wrote a sentence to the gingerbread man to say why their boat is the best boat…there were some very persuasive messages. We then had lots of fun testing our boats! We have also made and decorated our own Gingerbread people...yum!

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears...

This week we have been reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We have learned different versions of the story; in one book Daddy Bear’s porridge was too hot and in one it was too salty! In Eat your Greens Goldilocks, Goldilocks said sorry to the bears and they gave her a big bowl of chicken casserole! We have ordered the bears by size and made beds for the bears! We have been exploring porridge in the messy area and the children have all prepared a full bowl of oats for daddy bear, a half full bowl for mummy bear and poor baby bear had an empty bowl! We tried different flavoured porridge then voted for our favourite some children who thought they didn't like porridge discovered that they did after all. We discovered a different way to cook and eat oats too when we made flapjack...yum!

Visiting the Mobile Library. 

The mobile library comes to Beeford every other Thursday. We are very lucky to be able to visit the library to listen to a story and then choose our own book to borrow. 

We know how to look after our teeth!

This week we have been so lucky to have had a visit from Tracey a Dental nurse. She brought Dipsey the Dinosaur to see us too and he is having a little holiday with us in our FSU! Tracey told us how to brush our teeth. She told us to make sure we use a pea sized amount of toothpaste and that we should be using grown up toothpaste now and shouldn’t be rinsing with water. We read the book “My wobbly tooth must never ever fall out”. We then discovered that Dipsey had lost a tooth and because he doesn’t have a pillow he left his tooth outside! We went on a hunt outside to see if the Tooth Fairy had been to leave some money for Dipsey and found all sorts of silver and bronze coins. We have also been cleaning giant teeth in the water tray. We have dressed up as dentists and booked patients in to the reception ready to be treated. We have also rescued the letter teeth from the sugar!

What we did in 2017-18...

Piglets Adventure Farm Trip

For our end of year trip we took the F2 children to Piglets Adventure Farm. We had lots of fun planting seeds, playing a fruit and vegetable game. We fed and stroked the animals, played on the play equipment, played in the play farm and we even went on the tractor ride! We had a brilliant day and all of the children were very well behaved. 


This week we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine in our outdoor area. We had lots of fun making our own kites and also enjoyed testing them out.

Pirate Party!

Our FSU children have been trying hard in order to practise tidying up. As the children have done so well we had a pirate and princess party in order to reward the children for their hard work.
We have made wraps, walked the plank, looked for treasure, dancing and we also we had a pirate and princess tea party.

We Pretended To Be Frogs On The Big Field

Pond Dipping Afternoon

We had such a fantastic afternoon pond dipping. We saw tadpoles, snails etc. Afterwards we recorded what we saw. We also had lots of fun pretending to be frogs and playing frog and spoon races. We love the 'Oi Frog story!

Fantastic Phonics!

Looking At Frog Spawn

FSU Gardening Afternoon 

Our Fantastic Patterns

Summer Term Singing

Jack And The Beanstalk

We Made Gruffalo Crumble!

 Making Bird Nests

Chinese New Year

Some Of Our Snow Days

Learning About The Importance Of Hand Washing

Jewish wedding

Science Afternoon


Bonfire Night

The Wedding

 Some Of Our Wedding Preparations

Autumn Hunt

Dentist and Opticians