Throughout the next term we are dedicating events in school to our 200 year celebrations - here are some of the fantastic things we have been getting up to.

Welly Wanging 

As part of out 200 year celebrations we decided to take a look back to 1818 to see if there were any special events or inventions throughout the year. We discovered that Wellington Boots were in fact invented in 1818 and decided this must be celebrated! A whole school Welly Wanging competition was held with great success, some children even beat all of the staff!! 

200 Laps Of The Field

As a school we have decided to try and collectively do 200 laps around our school field. The FSU kicked us off clocking in a whopping 30 laps, followed by the Lower Juniors 42 speedy laps. Year 2 contributed a fair 24 taking our total to 96 so far!

Hornsea Museum

The whole school enjoyed a trip to Hornsea Museum to take a look what life was like (almost) 200 years ago. The children very much enjoyed looking round the old Victorian house, but all agreed they wouldn't like to have been at school in the Victorian times!!

Dress Up Day

As part of the celebrations we asked children to come into school dressed as someone significant from the past 200 years. Both parents and children made a huge effort and the costumes were fantastic! In the afternoon each class studied a different aspect of history and presented what they had learnt to parents at the end of the day. The FSU made their own toys, year 1/2 looked at the games played by school children of the past, the lower juniors investigated womens suffrage and Christmas traditions and the upper juniors told us all about sporting heroes!

200th Birthday Party

To draw a close to the the 200 celebrations we held a traditional birthday party for school. All the children made party hats with prizes being given to a winner from each year group. The party games included pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and under over. The party finished with the oldest and youngest pupils in school blowing out the candles on our 200 cake and a very loud sing a long to 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' for our school!

Time Capsule

To finish off our year of celebrations we buried a time capsule with a plaque to officially mark 200 years of education in Beeford. The children were all asked to bring a small item of their choice to be buried in the capsule along with a brief explanation as to why they had chosen that item. From a copy of Farmers Weekly to Fidget Spinners we really had quite a selection!! As well as their own items the children all wrote a letter to a future pupil as well as some writing to describe what life is like at Beeford School in 2018. They all can't wait to dig it up in 50 years!