We are going to Forest School … Forest School is really cool!

In the FSU we are really lucky because every week we take part in Forest Schools, which is run by Mrs Robinson. Each week we take a trip to the windy willows and read a different book whilst sitting around the log circle. We then take part in an activity that relates to the book we have read. Taking part in Forest Schools every week links closely to our school's vision statement, particularly 'learning to explore diversity and the mysteries of God's world' and promotes the spirituality of each child. On this page you can follow what we get up to in Forest Schools every week...

Colour Monster Scavenger Hunt

This week in Forest Schools we went on a Colour Monster inspired scavenger hunt! But first, the children were given the task of manoeuvring the tuff tray through our small FSU gate - they had to use their spatial awareness, gross motor, communication and negotiation skills to keep the tray upright and remind others of any hazards. After successfully moving the tuff tray and recapping the story, the children were each given their own collecting bag and we searched the outdoor area for colours to match the monsters in the story. We then came together to sort our treasures and stick them into the matching coloured jar. The children were encouraged to think about the different ways that the colour monsters would move, according to how they were feeling. They loved stomping for angry, hopping and skipping for happy and taking small, slow steps for sad. They also showed some great facial expressions!