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Our School Prayer

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Kids Club takes place on  Wednesdays from 3.45pm - 4.45pm at the St Leonard's Room on the following dates:

20th March

3rd April

 There is a small charge of 50p per session and is open for children aged 4 years and above. 

For more information contact Rev. James Grainger-Smith on 01262 488042.

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We value the relationships we have with the local Church communities particularly with our local Anglican Church, St.Leonard's. The current Vicar, Reverend Grainger-Smith is supportive in encouraging the children of the school and the church community to engage in shared experiences. These include using the Church for celebrating the major Christian celebrations and supporting acts of celebration within School.

Reverend Grainger-Smith regularly visitor the school. He leads collective worship on a fortnightly basis, which the children and staff really value.

We also have visitors to school to play a part in collective worship. We recently had an American Pastor in school to talk to the children about American Thanksgiving. 




Christian Values in the Classroom

Here are some of our classroom RE displays, have a look what we are looking at...