Take a look at some of the fantastic work produced by the children in our school. It sure is work to be PROUD of! 


On world book day the Upper Juniors did some great work on the book 'Tuesday' about some frogs who took off on their lily pads mysteriously in the night! Following this they wrote their own versions of what they thought the frogs might have got up to. 

Angie, Year 6

Ella, Year 6

Felix, Year 6


With the arrival of the chicks in year 1/2 the children have been learning about the life cycle of a chicken.

Alex, Year 2

The digestive system

The lower junior children have been learning all about the digestive system and have had lots of fun making up poems all about it. 

Evie, Year 4

Tom Gates

The upper juniors have been looking at the Tom Gates books written by the Author Liz Pichon. Her design for the books is very unique and the children have written their own funny stories in the same style. 

Ruby, Year 6

Samuel, Year 6

Felix, Year 6

Libby, Year 6

Easter Holidays

The FSU have been writing about all of the exciting things they did over the Easter Holidays. 

Tyler, FS2

Henry, FS2

Shopping Stocks

The infants have been looking at the sorts of things that are sold in shops and have been using adjectives and noun phrases to describe them. 

Ruby, Year 2

Alex, year 2

Joe, Year 1

FSU Dancing 

Some of the girls in the FSU decided to make a dance up about the life cycle of a butterfly, how cute!


In English the infant children have been looking at different poems, focusing on rhyming words. Each child in Miss Bates's group wrote their own verse of a poem and put it together - so many great rhyming words!

Diesel, William, James, Reece and Alex, Year 2


 The infant class have been learning how to tell the time this week and looking at analogue and digital times.

Jack, Year 1


As part of the Lower Juniors enterprise week they have been writing instructions on how to make their healthy snack they were making, they sound delicious!

Charlie D, Year 4

Abigail, Year 4

What makes you grumpy? 

The FSU have been talking about what makes the grumpy and making grumpy ladybirds. 

Amelie, FS2

Georgie, FS2


The infants have been looking at butterflies and symmetrical patterns, and creating some butterfly drawings.

Elicia, Year 2


The Lower Juniors have been writing instructions this week. 

Isaac, Year 4

Will, Year 4

Describing Minibeats

Amelie, FS2

Making Patterns

Freya, FS2

Blackout Poems

The Lower Juniors have been looking at poems and make these awesome black out poems which are so creative!

Abigail, Year 4

Charlie B, Year 4

Persuasive Letters 

This week the children have been writing persuasive letter to Mrs Bell.

Brooke, Year 1

Holiday Homework

The children were asked to collect litter made from different materials, how fantastic are these?!

Laila, Year 1

Elicia, Year 2

Gentoo Penguins

The children in year 3/4 have been researching and finding out lots of information about different types of penguins this week, they have found lots of interesting information. 

Laura, Year 4

Chloe, Year 4

Amazing Art Work

Check out these amazing pieces of art created by the children this week!! 

Flower: Harry, FS2

Eagle: Ethan, Year 1

Robin: Elliott, Year 1

Lighthouse: Felix, Kai


Factions of Numbers

James, Year 2

Alex, Year 2